The Play-by-Play for Building Your Dream Home in Grand County

Still looking for the property that meets all your non-negotiables when you search Grand County's current listings? Building a home from the ground up just might be the best fit for your situation! Whether you already own a piece of property here in Grand County or are on the search for vacant land, knowing the ins and outs of the building process will help prepare you for what to expect as you build your dream home in our little slice of paradise. 


So many factors play into the cost of building a home. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions and minimize surprises should you be considering building. One key thing to factor in is Grand County's extreme climate. The insulation and snow load requirements that you won't see in places like the Front Range increase the overall cost per square foot. And factors like the lay of the land, soil type, access to utilities on your property, and HOA regulations affect your price point. Our local knowledge can help you consider all of those nuances and have the most up-to-date information as you search for the site of your future home! Design details, systems options, and interior + exterior finishes also play a role in your overall budget. All that to say, there's no cut-and-dry answer on the cost. Some homes with basic finishes can be built for as low as $400/square foot while luxury homes in the area can cost well over $800/square foot. 


Once you've bought the land and are ready to move forward, you'll likely be wondering how long the whole process will take. Just like the cost, the time it takes to build a custom home is unique to each situation. In our area, a typical time frame from the pre-construction phase to move in date falls between a year and half and two years. 



The first step is to establish a team. We have several exceptional custom-home builders in the Fraser Valley and surrounding areas who use their local expertise to help you navigate the entire process. Grand County Builders Association offers some solid tips for choosing your builder. Once you've established that relationship, your general contractor can set you up with local architects and engineers to get the ball rolling (if you don't already have a set of plans). This planning phase involves a fair amount of legwork to set your project up for success:

  • schematic + design development
  • survey
  • soils testing/engineering
  • utility service applications
  • project schedule
  • budget
  • financing (if necessary)
  • final plans
  • permit submittal
  • construction contract
  • deposit


This is when the heavy equipment comes out. Because of our extreme climate, site work typically begins in late spring or early summer, depending on how early the snow melts! Prepping the land for building involves

  • building the driveway
  • excavating the footprint of your home
  • concrete footings and foundation
  • site utilities
  • backfill + slab prep
  • underground utilities
  • rough grading


We love this stage! Getting to see the walls go up and your new home take shape makes it all feel real. And we always love to see it happen before the snow flies in the fall. 

  • floor and wall framing
  • roof framing and dry-in
  • decks and porches
  • weather barriers
  • windows + exterior doors


Before drywall is installed, all of the plumbing and electrical needs to run through the walls. In this stage, you'll see

  • HVAC
  • plumbing
  • radiant heat
  • electrical
  • insulation


There are so many options for exterior finishes! And most HOAs have something to say about them. We're in-the-know with current HOA regulations and can help you know what to expect before you even purchase your property. 


This is when you really start feel like your house is becoming a home. All your choices will come together as walls go on and you see your new finishes: 

  • drywall
  • paint + stain
  • tile
  • flooring
  • cabinetry
  • trim
  • countertops
  • fixtures
  • appliances  


After some final grading of the land, cleaning, and tying up loose ends, you get to move into your new mountain home! Simply spend your time enjoying your new space and all Grand County has to offer instead of picking out finishes! 


Reach out today to sign up for vacant land listing alerts vacant land in your ideal location. Or start the process to sell you current property in preparation to build your new home. Wherever you are in your journey, we'd love the opportunity to support and guide you through the process. 

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